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Danbo: Hello, grandpa, can you please hold the mic for me? πŸ˜„ Carl: Ahh say what? Danbo: PLEASE HOLD THE MIC!!! πŸ˜’ Carl: I can hear you clearly, I know I’m old but my hearing still sounds good. You generation these days don’t have anymore respect with elders. Danbo: πŸ˜”πŸ˜’πŸ˜” I’m going to audition for the XFactor. Carl: Very well let me see. Danbo: Baby, you light up my life world like nobody else… β˜”β˜”β˜” Aliens: Ooh Ooh… That’s what makes you beautiful! β™ͺ β™« ♬ Danbo: See gramps! We are the U-turn Direction 😌😌😌 #toy#danbo#toycrewbuddies#revoltech#allshots#bestoftheday#carl#up#toystory#instagood#kawaii#kawaiioftheday#igersmanila (Taken with Instagram)

Danbo: Hi You! Me: Hey You too! Danbo: I just like to greet you a happy birthday! Me: Thank you! Where’s the gift? Danbo: Just a song, want me to sing? Me: No, thanks! Its been raining all day anyway! (Taken with Instagram at Happy Birthday!)

Me: Hi Danbo! Want some cookies? Danbo: No, I’m fine. I’m busy its Friday night. Me: So whatcha doin? Danbo: Friday night is movie night. Me: Okay! I’ll leave you alone. ☺ Danbo: Wait a sec. You see I’m watching Real Steel… And can I ask you somethin’… Me: Yeah, ahh sure? What is it? Danbo: You think I can join, WBR? Me: (oh no… I don’t want to ruin his night) ahh I think you can! πŸ˜₯ Danbo: Cool! I want to be like Atom! Hahahaha! Thank you master! 😍 Me: 😞😞😞 (Taken with instagram)

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